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April 2018 Publisher's Letter

April 2018 Publisher's Letter

Natural Awakenings has been serving the many communities of Greater Harford and Central Connecticut for ten years. During the past decade, the magazine’s pages have fostered inspiration, education and connections through rich content, diverse advertising and promotion of/involvement in many community activities. We’re marking this milestone year by offering you something new!

We are proud to present this April edition as a showcase reference guide to many of the businesses and practitioners in the region. Welcome to the first annual Natural Awakenings of Greater Hartford Natural Living Directory!


I’ve published an annual directory edition for Fairfield County/Housatonic
Valley, CT for the past five years. It is always the biggest and most popular issue of the year, eagerly awaited by members of the community in Western Connecticut. Even knowing that, I hadn’t initially planned to publish one in Hartford yet; after all, just months into my tenure as publisher, I am still connecting with many new people! Then a number of people asked if I was going to do a directory in this area. When the fourth person asked, I realized the Universe was giving me a clear sign. Ask and ye shall receive… my team and I are pleased and grateful to present this special edition to you! ϑ

The desire for this directory makes a powerful statement about the vitality and passion of the providers and businesses we are fortunate to connect to our loyal, engaged readers. They know there is power in the collective and that together the community can achieve much more than any of us alone. It comes at the right time; this area is exploding with terrific practitioners and businesses full of momentum, heart and purpose.

How is this edition different from a regular one? And why does the cover tell you to keep it all year? This special issue not only includes the wealth of great content you’ve come to expect from Natural Awakenings, but we also greatly expanded the Community Resource Guide and moved it toward the front of the magazine. In addition, we’ve included detailed profiles of almost thirty wellness providers and businesses. We’re confident that no matter what your personal vision or mission is, you will find something or someone in these pages that inspires or supports your efforts to become a healthier, happier you. The depth and breadth of this edition make it a true year-round reference guide to be referred to in times of need.

Don’t worry if you lend your copy out and it doesn’t come back! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pick up another; this unique edition can be found throughout the rest of the year at our major rack distribution points, events and conferences. And you can always find the digital edition on

I hope the balance of 2018 will be everything you desire and bring more than you have yet dreamed. Let the amazing resources in this edition be your guides and supports on your journey. Use ideas and tools that appeal to you; then let your increased positive energy ripple back out into the world around you. It will make a bigger difference than you could ever know.

Here’s to vibrant well-being for you, your family (human, furry, scaled or feathered), friends, community and the world we all share.

With love and light,



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