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Awakening to Oneness

Awakening to Oneness

Essential Oils Evoke Plant Wisdom

by Daniel Lupacchino

It’s easy for us to forget that we have a deep connection, not only to the world around us, but to everyone and everything on the planet. Our mind separates things into categories so we can understand the world in comparison to ourselves, and derive a sense of self and individual identity. Although this separation serves a purpose, there are drawbacks with this mindset. At this time, we need more than ever to be reminded that we are part of something greater—interconnected through a web of life.

Living in our modern world with its many advantages also serves to keep us disconnected from the natural world outside of our walls. This creates even more of a gap, a forgetfulness of the world we are born of and the planet we live on. There has been a wave of seekers looking to reconnect with the natural world and disconnect from the digital matrix that governs our modern life—essentially rediscovering our spirituality and remembering who we are. For those seeking the mysteries of the earth, there are no better teachers than those from the plant world. One of the easiest and most profound ways to interact with plant spirits is through the use of essential oils.


Far more than a “New Age fad”, the distillation, creation and practice of using essential oils dates back to antiquity. Evidence has shown that essential oils have been used all the way back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, who used oils in many aspects of their lives. Uses ranged from wound healing, perfumery and magical rites to mummification.

In today’s world, science has discovered many healing secrets about essential oils that our ancient ancestors already knew. Essences may contain antibiotic and antiviral properties. Some contain constituents that allow their healing properties to pass through the human blood-brain barrier, a problematic limitation that many modern day medicines cannot achieve.

Although essential oils can provide tremendous healing for the physical body, the aid, balance and support they can offer to our emotional and spiritual well-being should not be overlooked.

Essential oils are created from distilling various parts of plant matter; it’s an alchemical process that transforms the plants from one form to the next. Plants are living, sentient beings that have many secrets to share with us. When we use essential oils, their wisdom and power is literally contained within that oil. This is essentially the blood life-force of the plant. Science is now discovering that we share much closer DNA with the plant world than once thought, and that plants themselves communicate, feel and respond to stimuli similar to us.

Essences have a direct connection to Earth and the consciousness of the Divine Mother. They, like their plant form, haven’t forgotten that they are part of something larger, whether to the local flora, the larger ecosystem or the planet and spiritual beings alike. They are truthful, they know their divine purpose and they are unapologetic of who they are—qualities many of us strive for.

Working with essential oils, specifically when wearing them, helps us to ground, dive deep, and connect with the energy of the earth and the various beings around us. Oils adapt and work with our bodies, creating a sacred blood communion between the plant world and ourselves. Spiritual essential oils help us break down barriers within our mind, and invite our heart and spirit to consider the possibility of experiencing a greater divine connection to source.

Plants are physically interconnected to each other through their root system, a global interweb that exists deep within the earth. When we wear these oils on our skin, we are inviting them to mingle and merge with our entire being; as natural healers, they will seek to balance and heal our bodies on all levels. If we can but surrender to their vibration, they have many lessons and much to share with us. They are our friends, our allies and our teachers as well.

As oils physically affect our limbic system, the place within our brain that stores primal memories, they begin a reawakening of who we are, and who we are transforming into. While the essence of each individual plant carries certain virtues or medicine for physical and spiritual healing, simply working with any essence will help to raise our own vibration and attune us into the ancient world from which plants come.

Being grounded and connected to the natural world around us is the fastest way of allowing expansion and spiritual evolution to occur. Part of the seeker’s path is remembering who we are, that we are related and interconnected to every living being on the planet. Using essential oils helps remind us of the sacredness of the natural world, allowing us to break away from day-to-day society and come into the core of who we truly are.

Daniel Lupacchino is the owner of Integrative Massage Works in Glastonbury. He offers therapeutic massage and energetic bodywork, including the application of medicinal aromatherapy with essential oils. For more information or to schedule a session, call
860-716-2740 or visit



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