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Therapeutic Writing Class for Higher Creativity and Greater Intuition

Therapeutic Writing Class for Higher Creativity and Greater Intuition

Danielle Sullo, a Therapeutic Writing Facilitator with a master’s in English Education, will be offering a therapeutic writing class from 6 to 8pm, June 20, at New Morning Market in Woodbury. Therapeutic writing is an ancient practice that invites us to explore thoughts and feelings through words and images. Writing can illuminate deeper beliefs, elucidate problematic thinking patterns and foster confidence.

At the class, you will learn how to access your inner wisdom through journaling. No prior writing experience is necessary—this is not a formal writing class. After a short meditation and body-awakening activity, we will cycle through the senses as we experience aromatherapy journaling, stream of consciousness journaling, transcendentalist journaling, aesthetic journaling and reflective journaling. You will leave with the tools to create a daily journaling ritual that will promote awareness and openness to the messages within. Feel free to bring a favorite meditation pillow, yoga mat, journal and writing utensil to personalize your experience. The cost for the class is $15.


Sullo is a graduate of Yale Center for British Art Visual Literacy Teacher Summer Institute and member of the Connecticut Writing Project-Fairfield Chapter. Her therapeutic writing class has been previously presented as a series at Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury.

For more information, visit Location: 129 Main St N, Woodbury.

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