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Attuning for Peace

Attuning for Peace

Sharing the Light’s Cheryl Case on Peace and Purpose

Rev. Cheryl Case, a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2000, is owner of Southington Reiki, LLC dba A Hand in Healing and Partner at Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC, in Avon. She is also a certified Lightarian AngelLinks facilitator. Reiki sessions with Case include advanced healing directly supported by Jesus, Seraph Rose Aura and Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and the Ascended Masters Maitreya, El Moyra, Sananda, St. Germain and Buddha.

Recently, in a time when so many are seeking solace, Case received some channeled messages about peace. These have led her to offer specific Peace Attunements in an effort to make the world a little more hopeful and at peace.


You were recently channeled some words from Archangel Gabriel as you received a Peace attunement. What was the message?

Peace is paramount to every human on Earth. With it, everything else falls into place. When you have peace within, your world and everyone in it work flawlessly together. Peace within is the feeling of calm known from the breath of God. The energy of peace pours into your head as the energy of love pours into your heart. The combination results in a calm you will equate with none other.

How have you been fortunate to receive the energy brought to you?

I have worked diligently with Most High angels, archangels, seraphs and deities. Years of training and dedication to bringing Heaven to Earth allowed the energy to be brought to me at this time. It is pure unadulterated God light, available to us now.

What is unique about the Peace Attunement?

The Elohim of Peace and Love Seraphs work together during this attunement. The result allows you to see your life from a different perspective, to know you’re here now to share your gifts with the world. It starts with one: you! You are the change the world is waiting for. Experience it, be peace, be love.

A few days after the message from Gabriel, you received a message from the God of Peace Seraph. What was it?

The Peace Attunement is direct from the breath of God. God can instantly give you what you need and now it is time for Peace on Earth. It is imperative, if you are a person who believes in and prays for Peace, that you be Peace now. As you all are attuned to Peace, as you feel it within, the Divine plan of Peace on Earth begins. This vibrational shift to Peace is the momentous change needed worldwide. Those of you who have been waiting to do more, this is the beginning.

The first step is the attunement; it brings you the peaceful feeling within, permanently. Once you feel this and know peace within, you cannot be anything but peace without. This is how Ascended Masters feel: peaceful, clear-minded and focused on the Divine plan.

Who is the attunement for?

You are needed now, do not think this is not for you. Even if it is the only thing you do for yourself, it is what is needed in your world. You are needed to be one with the Divine. “Peace be with you” was not intended to be just a salutation to others, it is what we each must be within. Peace be with you—now. Peace be with you, this is the moment you have been waiting to experience. Feel the Peace, be Peace.

Why do you think this Peace Attunement has been made available at this moment? Why is it important?

It is clear that we are ready for a vibrational shift on Earth. With each person who receives the attunement, the shift to Peace on Earth gets closer. This energy must be in your mind, body and soul permanently so that you bring it everywhere you are. Peace is universal, used with all religious beliefs, and now you can commit to be Peace. The Divine Plan begins with you. You are one with your God—may this Peace be with you!

What can clients expect from a Peace Attunement session with you?

The session is typically no more than half an hour, but each person is scheduled for one hour. You only take off shoes and eyeglasses and are on a massage table as the Elohim of Peace (along with other Ascended Masters, Saints and angels) works through me on your heart and crown chakras.

Please call 860-936-0012 to schedule your Peace Attunement. A $55 peace contribution is appreciated. For more information, visit See Community Resource Guide listing, page 34.


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