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Happy, Active Life Strategy with Jacqueline Kane

Happy, Active Life Strategy with Jacqueline Kane

Jacqueline Kane of the Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington, is offering a free gift to those seeking to live pain-free and get started on the path to a happy, active life. Receive this gift by visiting and clicking on the link to receive “4 Steps To Pain Free Days”.

In addition, Kane is offering a complimentary Happy Active Life Strategy session where she will identify the number one cause of your specific pain and together, you will create a clear path to living your life pain-free.


“Are you tired of your pain getting all of your attention? Do you long to be able to finally say ‘yes’ to a fun-filled girls’ night out? Are you missing those peaceful nature hikes you used to take with your spouse? What if it were possible to get back to a pain-free, energized life naturally?” asks Kane.

As a pain-free specialist who knows how debilitating chronic pain can be, Kane shares proven, natural techniques that have helped her many clients over the years learn to unlock the emotional hold their pain has over their body so they can live pain-free and active lifestyles once again.

For more information, call 860-307-0232, email [email protected] or visit Schedule a time at See listing, page 2.


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