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Is Your Hair Color Certified Organic?

Is Your Hair Color Certified Organic?

Studio 3 Salon Provides Quality without Toxicity

Anna Pitruzzello, owner of Studio 3 Salon in Wethersfield, has been in the salon business since 1982. In 2008 she opened her own salon which uses exclusively certified organic products. Today Studio 3 Salon continues to offer a wide array of hair salon services in a safe, fume-free environment.


“Many salons today offer organic products, but they also continue to offer traditional hair products containing toxic compounds,” Pitruzzello explains. “That means clients visiting those salons will be exposed to toxins through fumes in the air, even if they have elected to use organic brands for their own hair.”

She points that while some brand labels may say “natural”, “herbal”, or even “organic”, those colors and products may still contain toxic chemicals. This is not insignificant; our bodies’ health may be at risk since approximately 400 out of 456 hair dye colors evaluated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) are classified as high hazard. That designation means they are known to contain toxins associated with neurotoxicity, immune issues, cancer, allergies and many other serious conditions.

“It is important to understand the risk we’re taking when we don’t choose a color that is less toxic,” Pitruzzello says. “Make sure to look for products with no ammonia, no peroxide, no PPD (phenylenediamine-diaminobenzene) and toluene-2-5 Diamine and Resorcinol, among others.”

Pitruzzello says her decision to open a certified organic hair salon came about when she learned about the chemical sensitivities common from the use of hair care products. She researched and found products that are certified organic and declared her salon a fume-free and toxin-free environment. The salon has also become gluten-free as well, adding a gluten-free color line for those who are sensitive or allergic.

For more information or complimentary initial consultation, call Studio 3 Salon at 860-518-4674 or visit Location: 350 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield. See ad, page 7.

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