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Book Teaches Kids The Magic of Me

Book Teaches Kids The Magic of Me

Inspire, engage and empower children with a newly released book, The Magic of Me: A Kids’ Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness, by Becky Cummings. Being a kid today is hard work, dealing with school stress from bullies to making friends, while bombarded with junky foods and video games. The struggle is real, and the answers aren’t always taught in the classroom. Luckily, we are all born with magic inside, and kids don’t have to wait until adulthood to learn how to unlock their inner power and create their own health and happiness.

In this book, written especially for ages 8 and up, children will discover: how to use words, thoughts, actions and feelings to make their dreams a reality; how to use food, water, sunlight, nature and forgiveness as medicine; how giving and gratitude create abundance; how Earth is a giant classroom filled with teachers and lessons; how to make friends and deal with bullies; how they are unconditionally loved and supported; and more.

Packed with relatable analogies, entertaining graphics and engaging journal pages, The Magic of Me teaches kids to be the magical masters of their own lives.

Becky Cummings is a mom of three, teacher and business owner. She loves kids and speaking her truth. Cummings is blessed to combine these passions by writing books that spread messages of love, faith, health and happiness.

Visit to learn more or purchase a book for the child you love.


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