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Five Ways to Calm Overwhelm Today

Five Ways to Calm Overwhelm Today

by Elizabeth B. Hill

We have all been there—whether it’s a pile of work on the desk, 1,000 unopened emails, a frightening stack of unpaid bills, a tsunami of laundry to fold or three things scheduled at the same time—epic overload. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are five things you can do to calm the tides of overload in the moment. All of these simple practices bring love and compassion to you in the moment—and begin to instill some basic order to a day that may be feeling very overwhelming and chaotic.

The Clearing Breath. Breathe in your nose to a count of four, hold for a count of four, breathe out your mouth for a count of eight, hold for a count of four. Repeat this pattern for four breath cycles. When you breathe out, purse your lips just a little to make a soft “whooshing” sound with your mouth. After four breaths, allow yourself to breathe naturally. Sit for a few moments with eyes closed and palms up to receive the benefits of the breath.

Yoga: Makrasana Pose. To do Makrasana pose (also known as Crocodile), lie down on your stomach on the floor, cross your arms and hold your elbows. Rest your forehead on your forearms. Breathe a balanced breath (breaths in and out are the same length). Stay in the pose for at least one to five minutes.

Triage. They do it in emergency rooms and call centers—and you can do it for yourself too. Write down what things need to be done or pull out your to-do list if you have it written already. What is the most important thing that must be done now? Pick the one thing that must be done now and get started on it. Remember, your real priority is life—keeping yourself and others safe and alive. Literally everything else takes second priority.

Journal. Writing is magic. Take a few minutes to write down the things that feel overwhelming, what things are going right, and write your next steps forward.

Call in Reinforcements. Ask for help. People often love being asked to help, but won’t know how to support us unless we ask.

To get more details, and to learn five ways to calm overwhelm for the long-term, download the free guide, “10 Ways to Calm Overwhelm Today and Every Day Everywhere”, at

Elizabeth B. Hill is a life and leadership coach and founder of Green Heart Living. She helps people reclaim their time and energy and feel like themselves again through her one-on-one coaching and “Love and Order” coaching programs. She is the author of Green Your Heart, Green Your World: Avoid Burnout, Save the World and Love Your Life. Connect at 860-913-6918 or See listing, page 2.


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