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Collaborative Natural Health Partners Seeks Continuing Education Across Globe

Collaborative Natural Health Partners Seeks Continuing Education Across Globe

The doctors at Collaborative Natural Health Partners in Manchester have been busy the past year traveling the world to learn new ways to better serve their patients.

Dr. Tonya Pasternak spent time learning a traditional rainforest herbal medicine therapy called Arvigo. She traveled to Belize to train with Dr. Arvigo herself, gaining firsthand experience with this form of medicine. Arvigo herbs are often used to treat women’s health concerns and can be a beneficial modality to improve immunity, support hormone balance and detoxify.

Dr. Nick Edgerton traveled to India to tour turmeric farms and processing plants to better understand the cultivation process. He brought back knowledge of the best extracts of the herb to use for specific conditions and a great appreciation for the work that goes into creating a quality product.

Dr. Ashley Burkman traveled to Iowa to become certified in the Wahls Protocol, a lifestyle and dietary modification program geared toward those with chronic illness—particularly autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders. Burkman is currently the only doctor in the state of Connecticut to hold this designation.

In addition to keeping busy with continuing education, Collaborative Natural Health Partners added two satellite locations in 2018—one in Stonington and one in West Hartford—in order to be better accessible to patients.

For more information, call 860-533-0179 or visit See ad, back cover.

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