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Durham Welcomes Soulshine Salt Cavern

Durham Welcomes Soulshine Salt Cavern

Soulshine Salt Cavern is a new salt therapy (halotherapy) business opening this month in Durham. In the cavern, you are in a completely serene environment relaxing on zero gravity chairs, surrounded by blankets and listening to relaxing music.

During a session, micro-particles of salt are inhaled into the lungs, helping to naturally cleanse allergens and certain toxins from your internal lung tissue and skin.


There are many health benefits to having a salt therapy treatment, including help with asthma, allergies, psoriasis, mood enhancement, smoker’s lungs, relaxation, sounder sleep and many more. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

“As the owner of Soulshine Salt Cavern, I believe this is my way of giving back to this community, by providing a healthy alternative to those who suffer from certain ailments or are just looking for a relaxing, yet beneficial experience,” says Lisa Radzunas, LMT, RMT.

The Salt Cavern uses a medical machine to crush the untreated medicinal salt to allow it to float in the air, so you can inhale deeply and feel renewed and relaxed as your session comes to an end. Multiple sessions during a week help many people who suffer with an abundance of allergens in their bodies; cleansing the mind, body and soul, Radzunas says.

For more information, visit, find them on Facebook or email [email protected]. Location: 352 Main St, Durham.


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