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January 2019 Letter From Publisher

January 2019 Letter From Publisher

This year’s January edition hits the stands during a time of heightened anxiety and stress for many, whether it’s due to global, national or local concerns.

We’re coming off the holiday season as well, a time of gatherings, festivities, family and friends, but also when there are also unwelcome stressors, such as difficult relationship dynamics, unrealistic expectations, poor food and beverage choices, and overwhelm.


Events of recent months have been intense and distressing for many of us, for a variety of reasons. The sad truth is that sometimes it seems to be human nature to complain or place judgment and blame on others when we don’t get what we want. As a species we exhibit a “default” tendency to get emotionally wrapped up in a situation, often causing us to miss golden opportunities to step away or diffuse tensions. With increased focus on winning, chances for true co-creation dwindle. That’s such a shame because common ground is the only thing that will support development of reasonable compromise and continue to raise the vibration of all enterprises.

Natural Awakenings’ focus is on solutions, not problems. Resisting the sensational in favor of the meaningful, our articles seek to educate and inform readers about timely issues impacting mind, body and spirit. We work to provide actionable inspiration and spotlight people who are making a difference across the nation and in the local communities we serve. 2019 marks Natural Awakenings’ 25th anniversary in the United States (that was the original edition in Naples, Florida, we’ve not been in this area quite so long); our mission has never been more important than now.

With all this in mind, we have focused this issue on mental wellness, offering suggestions and tools to keep our minds sharp and resilient, and increase our ability to weather the messiness of life with a measure of equanimity. To maintain my own equilibrium during stressful times, I rely on a variety of tools learned over many years: yoga, journaling, natural/animal connection, meditation, sound healing, a close-knit network of family and friends, and talented professionals offering self-care services. These are all tools available to you too, and there are many other options as well.

We hope you enjoy this month’s contributions and take away inspiration and ideas to help maintain your emotional balance both when times are good and not-so good. Wishing you all a vibrant and meaningful 2019, full of love, laughter and purpose.

With love and light,


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