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Intention and Harmony

Intention and Harmony

Applying Feng Shui to a New Space

Judie Ricciardi, of Put It Together ( in Woodbury, recommends intentionally setting up the harmony and balance in the evolving home as part of the design process.

An interior designer and feng shui practitioner, when planning she uses the Compass School’s form of the bagua, the lo shu magic square. She recommends drawing a three-by-three-part square as can be seen in the image on this page. The most important place to start is at #1, which is usually the front door.


“This is where all the abundance or means of supporting yourself comes in,” Ricciardi says. “It should be a grounded place to start with a dark color of door. When you open the door, you should face another dark color as well as a water feature like a picture of water or a water fountain to invite money and abundance into your life.”

When considering adding an addition to an existing home, the #2 area is one of the more beneficial areas in which to do so because this enhances the area of relationships. The #4 area is also preferred as it focuses on wealth. This part of the square can be helped with blues, purples and greens. As design decisions are being made, if a kitchen area is being added, the #5 area of health is optimal. Avoid placing a bathroom in a #2 or #4 corner as it implies that wealth and relationships area “going down the drain.”

When it comes to bed placement for the parent, the head of the bed should ideally not be lined up with the bedroom door. They should be able to see the door but not have their feet pointing toward it.

Other ways to enhance the space is to put something red in the #9 fame space; pictures of family on the wall or on a bureau in the #3 ancestor area; and a den, library or even a bookshelf in the #8 knowledge space. In addition, pictures of family in the #7 children space and a warm yellow color in the #5 health area can help.

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