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Dr. Amy Matthews Presents on Emotional Lives of Animals

Dr. Amy Matthews Presents on Emotional Lives of Animals

The Be In Wellness panel will present Dr. Amy Matthews, VMD, PhD, of All Creatures Holistic Health, to talk about how the emotional lives of our animals affect their medical and behavioral diagnoses, June 1, from 6 to 8pm, at Wu Healing Center, in West Hartford.

In the discussion, Matthews will cover some critical basics, such as some of the major emotional stressors encountered, as well as the importance of really communicating with our pets about events that affect them. In addition, she will review a few cases and how understanding the emotional background helped improve or resolve animals’ issues.

Matthews went to the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship to pursue the full breadth of Western scientific knowledge and graduated with a VMD as well as a PhD in Immunology. After interning with a specialty clinic for a year, and spending another year in general medicine, she realized she longed for better options to support health and started a journey in holistic healing options that continues today.

Matthews is trained in NAET (an allergy treatment that helped resolve her own allergy symptoms), is a veterinary acupuncturist and has advanced chiropractic training. She has done in-depth training in Chinese herbal medicine and Western herbal medicine; specialty acupuncture training with a particular focus on cancer; training on pulse diagnosis; and training in Theta healing, which is an energy technique that has been very beneficial for patients with behavior issues. She was also fortunate to work with holistic veterinary specialists Dr. Angela Erickson-Greco at Animal Health Practice and Dr. Allys Maybank at Frontier Wellness Center during her first 10 years in Connecticut.

For more information, visit Cost: $15. Location: 45 South Main St, Ste 100, West Hartford.


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