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Sacred Tree Medicine

Sacred Tree Medicine

Celtic Reiki is Ancient Healing in the Modern World

by Melanie Lynn

Herman Hesse writes, “Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak with them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.” To the ancient Celts, trees were God-like, doorways to the Otherworld and keepers of wisdom and healing. Ancient beliefs in the healing powers of trees can be found in our modern world through Celtic Reiki: Sacred Tree Medicine.

Celtic Reiki, as developed and taught by shamanic practitioner Jane Burns, is a beautiful and powerful healing modality. Twenty-five different trees, based on the Ogham (Celtic tree alphabet), provide deep healing and guidance that can address physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual discord. Trees are such gracious and compassionate healers; they work through the practitioner to bring what is most needed to a client.

Oak, for example, is known as the tree of the wounded healer. Having been struck by lightning more than any other tree, its power lies within the strength it has gained by withstanding and harnessing the energy of that which wounded it. Oak’s medicine brings resiliency and the ability to become stronger, having endured life’s trials. Oak often shows up for those who have experienced deep wounding, lovingly and confidently revealing the strength and wisdom that has been gained by the trauma or experience. Each tree holds vast medicine, reaching our wounds, imbalances, patterns and inhibiting thoughts at the deepest levels.

A Celtic Reiki practitioner relies on her relationships with the helping spirits and each of the 25 trees to divine what is needed and why it is presenting. The medicine of the tree is transferred to the client through its symbol and the practitioner’s connection with it. The symbols are typically placed on the three energy centers called cauldrons, which are the head, heart and belly.

Receiving Celtic Reiki is a moving experience for many. The combination of traditional energy work with the power of the trees brings relaxation, energy balancing, grounding and specific, potent healing to the receiver. The practitioner will provide information, often written, on which trees came forward, why they came and how they will assist the healing process. Often times, the trees will then hold a special place in the heart of those who receive. This process not only brings healing to the human, but to the trees as we nurture our relationship with Mother Earth. Reigniting a passion and reverence for these ancient beings brings us one step closer to what we have strayed away from—being in right relation with ourselves and this earth.

For those hearing the call of the trees, the Celtic Reiki training program provides an in-depth study of each tree, along with Celtic teachings and methods for providing tree medicine to clients. The program is taught across three levels, each parallel to the teachings of the triple spiral. Celtic Reiki students find the program to be deeply healing for themselves, as the trees take them on an inner journey of self-knowing and truth. Gaining 25 new spirit allies does not come without the self-work necessary to be in service to others. As healers, we can learn from the trees to step aside from our human minds “undeterred by particulars” and simply be the sanctuaries we are meant to be.

Whether giving or receiving Celtic Reiki, homage is paid to the majestic healers, the trees of the ancient past. As we heal ourselves, we heal the earth. May our roots run deep, our trunks stand proud and our branches reach to the heavens.

Melanie Lynn is a shamanic practitioner, Celtic Reiki master-teacher and owner of Sea in the Sky Healing and Wellness Center in Hebron. Connect at See Community Resource Guide listing, page 45.

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