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Subconscious Communication and the Autistic Child

Subconscious Communication and the Autistic Child

by Michelle Bense and Robin Barros

Parents of a child with autism are in constant search of a way to bring comfort to their child and to help them fit in a world that doesn’t understand them. The child, depending where on the spectrum, needs to be understood.

Robin Barros, of Spirit of the Lotus, was fortunate to work with a young man from Italy early in her career. The child, in his early teens, was in public school, even though his ability to communicate was minimal. He was kind and gentle, but could get frustrated when he tried to communicate and wasn’t understood. Added to the mix, Barros didn’t speak Italian and the client didn’t speak English.

Subconscious communication is a useful tool, used when there is difficulty communicating. Barros uses it with clients that are autistic or those that have difficulty talking about the grief, trauma or abuse they’ve suffered. It is used with hands-on healing—gently resting the hands on the fully clothed body, working energetically—to heal the physical as well as emotional body, calm the sympathetic nervous system and strengthen the immune system to achieve full body, mind and spirit health.

“After a few days of treatment along with subconscious communication, this young man could point to his nose, he could find his lips and knew where his eyes were and could almost perfectly say my name, and when I said his name, would point to himself,” explains Barros. “Seeing tears in his father’s eyes and the pride and joy in this amazing young man was such a gift.”

Autism manifests with many different behavior patterns, including heightened sensitivity to touch, internal focus of thoughts and awareness, anger, pain and in many cases extreme frustration. It may also include short attention spans and lashing out—even concussion from head banging.

Autistic children can be brilliant and, in many cases, they’re also easily bored. Give an autistic child a serious challenge; give them three or four and they will be much happier. Many of us can’t comprehend the child with a brain so sophisticated that they need more to keep them going—hence the reason so many parents of autistic children love video games, providing the children do not have outbursts and temper tantrums from overstimulation.

Autistic children with sensory issues may present with a whole other set of needs. Enclosed swings, weighted blankets and less stimulation in general seems to really help this group. Barros suggests distance healing for these children because then they can be treated and never leave their comfort zone. She suggests decoupling fight and flight, to calm their nervous system first. They are so sensitive and live on such high alert, that even a moment of peace and calm is a relief; little by little this becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Robin Barros is the founder of Spirit of the Lotus, in Columbia, CT. She is formally trained in Integrative Manual Therapy, is a medical intuitive, Shaman, Medium and Spiritually Guided Coach as well as being an Advanced Soul Coach, Advanced Past Life Coach and Holographic Sound Healer. Connect or schedule an appointment at 860-709-3903.

Michelle Bense is a freelance writer and editor currently living and exploring in New Mexico. Connect at Editor [email protected].

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