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Cohousing Community Green Homes for Sale

Cohousing Community Green Homes for Sale

Rocky Corner Cohousing, an organic farm-centered neighborhood located in Bethany, has begun its active construction phase, with only a few homes left for sale. Thirty comfortable, privately owned, self-sufficient homes and a large, shared common house with facilities for shared meals and other community resources are clustered in the center of a 33-acre former dairy farm.

Cohousing is a proven community design with more than 165 neighborhoods established throughout the U.S. and construction of another 140 underway. Rocky Corner is the first in the tri-state metro area.

Rocky Corner Cohousing’s mission is to “create a balance between independence and interdependence.” The community is governed through a sociocracy system, in which decisions are made through consent after discussion by neighbors rather than majority voting. Work is divided by a variety of committees, which any community member is welcome to join.

Rocky Corner’s buildings are energy-efficient, with passive
and active solar design; air-source heat pumps for heating and cooling; tight envelopes with high-R-value insulation; and smaller footprints.

The community’s motto is “consume less, share more,” which it achieves by sharing the land for growing and conservation; sharing vehicles and tools; preparing meals together; and working together to create and maintain the community. Homes range in size from one to three bedrooms.

For more information about joining the community, attending an info session or touring the construction site, call 203-903-2646 or visit

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