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Martial Arts Book Signing at Sharing the Light

Martial Arts Book Signing at Sharing the Light

On September 28, Sharing the Light Wholistic Center in Avon will host a book signing for local author Sifu Michael Fuchs, featuring his new book The Shaolin Butterfly Style Art of Transformation. The book examines a rare style of Chinese martial arts for the first time in print.

Fuchs, the Connecticut State Director of the International Chinese Boxing Association, is a Sifu (master teacher) and instructor in the arts of Shaolin Five Form Fist Kung Fu, Taiji, Kali, Reiki, qigong, Min Zin and meditation. He is the former owner and chief instructor of the White Lotus Martial Arts Center and currently leads Butterfly Martial and Healing Arts. He has been elected by his peers into elite halls of fame, including the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors and The Master’s Hall of Fame, and has been awarded the World Karate Union Lifetime Achievement Award. He has more than 30 years of experience with Asian martial, meditative, and healing arts, and he has published editorials and articles in Massage Magazine, Tai Chi, Qi: The Journal of Eastern Health and Fitness and The Empty Vessel.

“All those interested in or involved in martial arts training, Tai Chi, qigong, yoga, meditation and the like will find this book to be enjoyable and insightful,” says Fuchs. The book, which features a foreward by Grandmaster David M. Grago, is an instruction manual that delves into the historical and philosophical significance of the Shaolin Butterfly Style.

Admission is free for the event, which will take place from 3 to 6pm, and a signed book is $15.

Location: Sharing the Light Wholistic Center, 395 W Avon Rd, Avon. See ad, page 32.


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