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Closing 2019

Closing 2019

An Astrological Observation

by Agneta Borstein

How has 2019 treated you? Let’s hope your nerves are intact and you are still smiling! The most-observed planetary movement during 2019 was fast-moving Jupiter and often-confused Neptune meeting together in a 13-year cycle, with its strongest effects in January, June and September. Jupiter is a happy camper as he travels in his own sign of Sagittarius until December 2, and then moves into stern Capricorn. Some zodiac signs took over the sky—Capricorn in particular—while Aquarius and Leo didn’t experience significant transits during the past year, but no doubt most individuals felt exhausted with the world news. Did you notice?

Sagittarius folks are enthusiastic and most likely had a successful year. Some create their own stories, and we might simply have to believe them. Jupiter is known as the god that showers us with expensive gifts, the promise of a new career or promotion. A good luck indicator and an optimist, it’s no wonder he is the favorite of the basic 10 planets in a horoscope. Gemini, Aries and Leo people brushed their good luck from Jupiter—if deserved. However, the other side of Jupiter is the trickster that runs too fast, often overspends, is obnoxiously flirtatious (and it works at times), exaggerates and often brags about their achievements.

Neptune in Pisces signifies confusion, addiction, drugs, dreams, illusion and deception. The god of the ocean also indicates faith, spirituality, psychic impressions, meditation, alternative healing modalities, hatha yoga and any type of recovery. Neptune started his journey in 2012 in his own zodiac sign of Pisces and will continue his crucial quest of cleaning his environment—water—until 2026. Pisces individuals managed to gain success by following their passion. Further, some Pisces became overjoyed regarding the increased availability of CBD oils and new controversial laws legalizing marijuana.

During 2019, Saturn, in his own earth sign of Capricorn, continued to show his basic personality of control, structure, foundations, walls and demand to oversee circumstances, as he is the father, boss and the government. Saturn governs our entire structure down to our bones and demands basic human rights. The beneficial action of Saturn is the success of discipline and is often known as “Father Time”. He supports us when we are on time at work, school or the anticipated hot dinner date. We all know it helps to be on time, right?

Let’s look at another planet in the element earth: Pluto, the eternal killer god pushing issues to the surface, especially after his visit to the dark Underworld, where he is the most content with topics such as taxes, oil, corruption, rape and manipulation. He also governs cleansing, healing, honesty and secrets revealed. Pluto, Saturn and the Moon’s nodes (issues from the past, moving into the future) in Capricorn/Cancer might explain the burden any type of Capricorn energies endured during 2019. Pluto has been on a metamorphic cleansing spree since 2009, which will continue for a few more years. Some will face Pluto’s destructive personality and metaphorical challenges head-on while some avoid the damage by not resisting changes, but becoming part of them.

Uranus, representing inventions, medical breakthroughs and the positive awareness of alternative healing modalities, continued to show his effect on the fire sign—Aries—during the last seven years. He confirms that the uniqueness and eccentric aura through Aquarius demands freedom of choice, gender and race equality. The planet of hurricanes, uncertainty and revolution, Uranus showed his effect in the element fire, and now, the radical planet travels in Taurus (yes, another earth sign) until late 2025. During 2019, Taurus Sun, Moon or Ascendant (physical appearance) had unexpected, exciting and liberating opportunities.

Humanity’s karmic, fate and destiny paths are factors during personal and cyclical planetary beginnings and endings. The effects on economic, social, political and religious matters, as well as personal issues, lingers into 2020, so 2019 prepared us for further significant cycles that are brewing for next year.

We close 2019 with the reminder that we have observed a two-sided coin of planetary energies with confusing possibilities and choices: peace or war, challenge or benefit, true or false, and laugh or cry.  A New Moon eclipse on December 26 in Capricorn leads us into a Full Moon eclipse on January 10, 2020, in Cancer, the sign of the home, mother, our emotions and perhaps, during these challenging times, Mother Earth. The United States is a Cancer country and has been affected by the transits of Capricorn (authorities) and Cancer (the people) since the beginning of this year, and that will continue. Eclipses are known to be more powerful than regular Full or New Moons, and depending on the degrees of the eclipse, it can cause significant changes in areas of our lives where necessary.

May the sky embrace Earth with peace and harmony throughout the many Holidays of Lights!

Agneta Borstein is an astrologer, author and teacher, and former owner of Agneta’s Books & Things, an alternative bookstore in the Hartford area. Borstein has lectured and presented workshops at numerous conferences and is the author of The Moon’s Nodes: Understanding the Dynamic Ties That Bind. Agneta can be reached by calling 860-983-5666 or visiting See ad, page 13.

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