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Wine, Women and Wellness Event

Wine, Women and Wellness Event

Leaders in health, nutrition, and beauty will gather for West Hartford's first “Wine, Women, Wellness (& Shopping)” night at Essential Health on Thursday, December 12, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

by Joy Taylor

In many households, women are the ‘gatekeepers’ for their family’s health, meaning they are often the people in charge of making the important choices and changes that effect the health of their children and family members. "In our practice, we see patients of all ages, and of course we treat men and women, but it tends to be the women who drive the changes in health and wellness choices," according to Dr. Allison Mendelson, co-owner of Essential Health.

Dr. Mendelson (known as Dr. Allie to her patients), is a chiropractor on Park Road wanted to create an event to make it fun to learn about healthier practices for women and families. You may recognize Dr. Allie from her radio show and her Experience We-Ha interview last year. Dr. Allie treats patients with improper spinal alignment, which is very common and can be caused by both physical and emotional challenges.

She collaborated with Dr. Lauren Young, Naturopathic Physician and owner of Collaborative Natural Health Partners to come up with an event that would make learning about healthier ways to eat and live fun and interesting. The physicians at Collaborative Natural Health Partners pride themselves in offering patients the best of both worlds approach, with physicians trained in both conventional and natural diagnostics and treatments.

By creating an evening event, with wine and snacks, they are setting the tone for a relaxing and informative night.

The two will gather leaders in health, nutrition, and beauty for the first ever “Wine, Women, Wellness (& Shopping)” night at Essential Health on Thursday, December 12, from 7 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This “open house” style event will include opportunities to meet and greet practitioners and to learn about products and services to take care of your family naturally.

"We wanted to develop an event that would bring together experts from all aspects of health and wellness to keep the public informed about their options," said Dr. Young. For example, if you've never needed a physical therapist and you suddenly find yourself recovering from an accident, how do you know where to begin when you find yourself in need of some rehab? The doctors invited experts from Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine West Hartford to be at the event to explain their services.

"When making those life-altering decisions, it’s important to be informed," added Dr. Allie.

Reformed Nutrition will show visitors that eating healthy can still taste good with some healthy holiday cookie ideas, offering samples while supplies last. Plus, as the title suggests, being healthy doesn't have to be bland and boring, so the event will spotlight a healthy wine option, and will include some natural and delicious complimentary snacks for the visitors. Plus some artisans from our community will have some great gifts for sale.

Lisa Maree Designs has handmade, one-of-a-kind bags, pouches and purses. And SaraRose Aroma Jewelry is beautifully handmade right in Hartford. To name a few.

The complete event line up includes:


  • Dr. Allison Mendelson, Chiropractor/Owner Essential Health
  • Dr. Lauren Young, Naturopathic Physician with Collaborative Natural Health Partners
  • Hunter and Lauren Bahre, Reformed Nutrition, Healthy Holiday Cookies
  • Dr. Stephanie Brown, Optometrist
  • April Beaman, CT Thermography
  • Tom Kassan, DPT, OCS, COMT and Allison Condo Transitional Rehab Specialist with Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine West Hartford.
  • Maria Bustamante, LMT, CMLDT with her Massage Chair
  • Beth Melzen, Dental Hygienist and BURST Ambassador
  • Adriana Hilerio, LCSW & Health Coach
  • Joy Taylor, doTERRA Wellness Advocate


  • Holly Woods, Owner & Instructor Pole Control Studios
  • Lisa Lazarus & Michelle Parker, Yoga


  • Alicia Simons-Rogers, Jewelry
  • Lisa Maree, Lisa Maree Designs (bags, pouches)
  • Sarah Rose, Sarah Rose Aroma Jewelry
  • Taia Cesana, The Austin Bracelet Company
  • Thulan Nail Retreat
  • Plus LuLu natural cosmetic specials and more TBA.


  • Wine samples of FitVine California Wine
  • Healthy treats including chocolate, cheese, and more

Add photos of some of the vendors.

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