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February 2020 Letter From Publisher

Nicole Miale

February 2020 Letter From Publisher

Despite years of study, advanced understanding of the physical systems at work and well-proven interventions, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains one of the leading killers in our country. Like many of you, CVD runs in my genes, on both sides of the family tree. In this modern era it’s difficult to find someone without some form of CVD in their heritage.

Our genes are often blamed but the emerging field of epigenetics casts doubt on that since it suggests we each have some ability to turn off our propensity to manifest physical conditions or diseases previously viewed as hereditary and therefore somewhat inevitable.The choices we make, in each moment and certainly accruing over time, have a tremendous impact on the physical results we may have when it comes to cardiovascular health. There is much you can do, and all is not lost even if you’ve already, like me, suffered a cardiovascular event of some kind. While not all damage can be reversed, much can be prevented and our articles this month provide a valuable blueprint to work from.


Interested in how people could take more control over their healing by working with their own genetic material, Managing Editor Patricia Staino spoke to some local experts in Connecticut about the field of regenerative medicine. A long way from the first fevered reports of stem cell experiments way back when, regenerative medicine now shows a lot of promise in a variety of conditions and situations. Though still costly and not yet covered by most insurance plans, regenerative treatments are becoming more available and represent an exciting new set of alternatives for pain relief and self-healing.

I hope the articles this month will inspire you to take steps to improve your physical condition, whether that means parking far away from a store entrance so you can get more steps in, committing to a new walking regimen (a great workout for those with CVD! And get a dog to walk with while you’re at it… furry companions help, too!) or making a major lifestyle change (job, relationship, etc.) in order to reduce your stress level. Any step you consciously take to improve your situation will take you in a healthier direction, and nothing you do is in vain.

Wishing you vibrant good health, this month and always!


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