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Nourishing Practices for Challenging Times in 3-5 Minutes

Whether you are running a mile a minute caring for others at home, finding yourself with wide open time at home, or continuing to work outside the home to keep this world running, you are no doubt facing unprecedented times.
My work has continued much the same, but with added family responsibilities and expanded need to care for my clients during this wildly different time. I've found myself needing to amp up my self-care - including giving myself permission to completely decompress and do nothing. Literally no-things. As a Capricorn, this is challenging for me!!! 
Today, I am sharing a practice called "Coming Home", which is deeply nourishing for the nervous system.  It is a way to center, ground, and come into ourselves.
Coming Home - 3-5 Minute Practice in Compassion 
Excerpted From My Book "Green Your Heart, Green Your World"
Come into a position that is very nurturing to you. You can rest on your back, your side, or come into child's pose. 
If you are coming into child's pose, kneel on a yoga mat or a bed, put a blanket on top of our heels and sit on it. Your forehead can rest on a bolster or pile of pillows. Hold for 3-5 minutes, turn your head to the other side halfway through. 
Allow the breath to become a balanced breath, with the breath in and the breath in being the same length. Breath in and out through your nose.
Add the mantra “I Am”. On the breath in, think “I” and on the breath out, think “Am”. Notice what comes up when you first introduce the thought I Am. Notice without judgement. I am…. safe, home, enough, perfect, LOVE. Ground your awareness with safe, positive assurances.
If negative thoughts creep in, come back to the mantra and replace the negative thoughts with affirmations, such as “I am enough”, “I am love”, or “I am courageous”. 
You can also use the Sankrit phrase “So Hum”, which means “I am” and mirrors the sound of our breath, our life force. 

For more soul-nourishment, follow the free resources link at the top of this email, grab a copy of one of my books, or join my 21-day Manifesting Experience for free meditations. If this time is especially challenging, please reach out. I am here for you. 

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