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Sharing the Light Wholistic Center

Although it's been a few weeks since our building has been closed, it has made us open our hearts wider than ever. No one could prepare us for making gallons of hand sanitizer to give away to essential employees.  No one could prepare us to teach on-line classes. No one could prepare us to pray and send energy hourly.  We are thankful for the virus that made us shift. The shift has lead us deeper within; to recognize, align and use this time wisely. The one thing we know for sure: there is no way to reach the deepest part of the heart, there is always more.
Looking forward, we can see that there is a possibility that we may not open again until sometime in May. In order to continue to pay the rent, we are offering a special on gift certificates. Buy $100 and get $40 FREE!  The $100 can be used for anything at STL, but the $40 is good for services with Cheryl, Suli or Ed only. Please call Cheryl at 860-620-7709 to give your credit card over the phone, and receive your gift certificate by email.  No limit!
In the past two weeks we have sent reiki to hundreds of people privately and in distant reiki sessions.  Cheryl has the blue "reiki box" (pic above) at her home and sends distance reiki at 11 am and 11 pm daily.  If you would like to add a name, simply reply to this message or text Cheryl at 860-620-7709. 
Please remember, YOUR THOUGHTS are extremely important at this time.  If you are worried, please replace those thoughts immediately with love. It's for your highest and greatest good to keep your thoughts positive as it helps to keep your immune system stronger. If you are having issues doing this, please reach out to Cheryl or Suli at 860-936-0012.  We have ways to help you over the phone for free.  Reach out now.
Renew, Rejuvenate, Restore. Online Classes: 
5/23 Root Chakra
6/27 Sacral Chakra
7/25 Solar Plexus Chakra
8/22 Throat Chakra
9/19 Third Eye Chakra
10/24 Crown Chakra
15 person limit in class, call 860-936-0012 to pay with a credit card today!

The Roby Chart: Where Beliefs Effect Your Anatomy
Classes at 7pm for $7.
Cheryl has discovered zoom!  We can hold live virtual classes that you can join from your phone or computer. Everyone can see everyone in the class to talk to each other, ask questions and Cheryl can share Powerpoints and pictures too.  The classes are recorded so you can view them at your leisure later.  If you are interested in joining one of the following classes, you will receive an email with the link.  Please call Cheryl 860-620-7709 and let her know which class you are attending, pay the fee with your credit card, and you will get an email with class information.  

For more information and to learn about additional classes contact Cheryl at [email protected].
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