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Crystal Music Healing

Bradford W. Tilden

Crystal Music Healing

Bradford W. Tilden, CMT, MM, UWT
CT/MA and remotely
860-830-5841 •
[email protected] (music) (medicinal mushrooms)

Summary/services offered: 
I am an internationally recognized composer, pianist, sound healer, crystal healer, and Universal White Time (UWT) energy gemstone healing teacher and practitioner, as well as the founder of the Lemurian School of Intuitive Natural Healing (LSINH). I have been helping people pierce the veil and find renewal of purpose since 2006. My services include in-person and remote healing and spiritual mentorship sessions, bookings for sound healing concerts at local venues and private functions, commissions for creating custom music projects such as guided meditations, and professional certifications in UWT Energy and Gemstone Healing. I retail Lemurian Seed Crystals, gemstones, sound healing instruments ansd CDs, and am an independent distributor with Alphay International medicinal mushrooms

What drew you to this profession? 
Pursuing what brings me the greatest joy, I focused on my strengths and followed my dreams and intuition. When I discovered my music could heal people, I enrolled in a Sound Healing Institute. When I was guided to UWT Gemstone Healing, I had an awakening of my divine inheritance. I made the conscious decision to devote my gifts and talents to help inspire others to find their authentic expression and remember their own divine inheritances because it is possible.    

What should someone expect from working with you? 
I help people balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. I work with people who are looking for higher levels of connection with their authentic self and divine potential. Between sessions I provide tools for self-care and techniques for relaxation, stress reduction and pain management. Beyond sessions, I offer support and guidance through the healing and awakening process.

What changes do you plan in 2020? 
I am the highest-ranking Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing in the northeastern United States. UWT is a global community of people called to raise human consciousness through healing and awakening. My goals for 2020 are to grow the UWT community here by continuing to certify UWT practitioners. UWT is a special healing modality that presents many new possibilities for healing and spiritual growth. 

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know?
My life is dedicated to conscious transformation toward the New Earth Paradigm. I always come from a place of love. I am passionate and knowledgeable about sound, crystals and all aspects of vibrational healing. My mission is to use these skills and abilities to help those ready to evolve to the next level. 

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