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Green Heart Living

Elizabeth B. Hill

Green Heart Living

Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW
Bridge Healing Arts Center,
304 Main St, #408, Farmington
860-913-6918 • [email protected]

Summary/services offered:
Green Heart Living provides coaching, mindfulness education and guidance for writing and self-publishing to help make the world a more loving and peaceful place. Elizabeth Hill wrote the bestseller Love Notes: Daily Wisdom for the Soul and Green Your Heart, Green Your World: Avoid Burnout, Save the World, and Love Your Life

What drew you to this profession? 
I grew up with severe anxiety and faced a “dark night of the soul” in early adulthood that completely transformed my understanding of the world. I found solace in yoga, writing and the expressive arts. I studied psychology and social work to understand myself and help others. Coaching has helped me weave together all my gifts and experience to bring people the transformation they seek. 

What sets your work apart from others in your profession?
I’m a smart cookie, but our work together is not about me. I help you tap into your own inner wisdom. I believe you are the expert of your own life. We will create more than we ever imagined at the beginning of our work together.

What should someone expect from working with you?
We will laugh and cry together. I help people reconnect with their spirit and purpose, drastically reduce anxiety and panic attacks, complete writing projects, navigate complex medical issues and move through major life transitions. Read clients’ success stories for more information, at

What changes do you plan in 2020?
I’m rolling out a book tour for Love Notes and launching a mentorship program for people looking to write and publish their own personal stories in order to inspire others and increase their impact in the world. 

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know?
I answer with a quote from my new book: “I wrote this book to help people change their mind’s backdrop from one of FEAR to one of LOVE. I know that it is possible because I have done it myself...I have been at the crossroads: Do I choose to continue on my path of fear, or do I choose to walk a path of love? I choose LOVE. And I have chosen it over and over again.” See ad, page 2.

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