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Rod Kelly, BCH

Rod Kelly

Rod Kelly, BCH

Hypnosis & Healing
304 Main St, Ste D-406, Farmington and
11 Woodland Rd, Madison
[email protected]

Summary/services offered:
Assisting clients in overcoming personal issues ranging from habits and false beliefs to a wide range of medical issues. In addition, I developed a technique to heal the aura, to increase the flow of energy throughout the body and create balance and promote wellness.  

What drew you to this profession?
After a seven-year battle for survival, through Spiritual guidance, I relocated to the fringes of the Canadian wilderness and was soon invited to live on a Native American reservation by a James Bay Cree elder, who taught me how to heal myself and eventually others.

What sets you apart from others in this profession?
I utilize methods that are based on ancient practices handed down to me through my ancestors. A key element was a technique that allowed me to totally heal the aura, in order to increase the flow of energy throughout the body, followed by applying laws in physics. 

What should someone expect from working with you?
The key element of all my techniques is simplicity. Most issues can be resolved quickly and effectively by looking for simple answers. Often issues are comprised of high levels of negative energy, so the solution resides in physics, through laws such as “positive energy consumes negative energy” and others.  

What changes do you plan in 2020?
In January I was recruited by Dr. Yvette Whitton, naturopathic oncologist, at the Adonai Center in Madison. Together we will be working on documenting the results of my technique to heal the aura in order to neutralize the negative energy of cancer and other serious medical issues. 

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