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Soul Healing Journey, LLC

Eilis Philpott

Soul Healing Journey, LLC

Eilis Philpott
[email protected]

Summary/services offered:
I am a master healer and teacher certified in numerous modalities.
I offer soul-level healing, which clears blocks, obstacles and challenges that are preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential. 

What drew you to this profession?
I became fascinated at an early age with the impact that thoughts and emotions had on the body and the psyche. As I experienced both working in the corporate world, the teaching world and then the world of energetic healing, I knew my place was in the healing arts. 

How does your work differ from others in your profession?
I often use the breath as the foundation for my healing
modalities to access the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies. The work we do together at Soul Healing
Journey supports the internal energetic shifts needed in order to live a life of peace, harmony and joy as well as be in alignment with your soul purpose. 

What should someone expect from working with you?
All sessions are dictated by the needs of the client on that day and every session is thus individualized to each person’s needs. Over more than 20 years, I have seen individuals change their careers, work through major trauma and abuse, and improve their current relationships or create new ones.

What changes do you plan in 2020?
I have been growing, developing and traveling during 2018.
I continually strive to educate myself to better serve in my practice. New modalities are often added or incorporated into my
offerings. 2020 promises even greater expansion with the
addition of trainings and individual healing sessions. 

What is most important for Natural Awakenings’ readers to know?
The greatest wish I have for all my clients is that they truly know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. Many of us have not been given that gift and need to learn how to give it to ourselves. No matter where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going, you deserve to know and love every aspect of yourself.
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