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A Contemplative Practice For Modern Times

If you’re looking for a contemplative self-care practice that will fit into your busy schedule, try Lectio 360. Lectio, meaning “readings,” and 360, meaning “complete” or “full circle,” come together in this meditative practice conducted by Meg Reilly, a holistic counselor and certified hypnotist. Using inspired poetry and writing from Confucius to Mary Oliver, from Rumi to Rilke, selections are recited aloud repeatedly. You are invited to simply listen and attend to your own internal process and be guided to your own insights or moments of illumination. All you have to do is receive. 

Lectio 360 is a space for you to tune into your own inner dialogue with a heart-centered openness and no judgment, to take time for yourself – getting out of your own way to allow the inspiring words of the reading to connect with your current feelings. Journaling is encouraged. Adapting to current practices of social distancing, each 30-minute session is conducted online via Zoom. Sessions are held twice daily, at noon and 4:30pm, two days a week: Tuesday and Friday.

Reilly has been writing a weekly blog for eight years focused on helping readers live with compassion for themselves and others. She sees private clients and facilitates self-discovery workshops using the art of drawing your personal mandala. Her counseling website is

 Registration is required: all information is at  A Zoom link will be sent. No payment is required; however, a suggested $5.00 donation is accepted via PayPal or Venmo. See ad, page 8.

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